Friday, 13 August 2010

Waddington Air show 2010

Please do not have a go at me for promoting machines of war. I see the following as engineering successes.
I liked this shot for the vapour trails. A sense of true power.

I think this is a wierd angle - not seen in flight.

XH558. Flying again and up were she belongs. I've actually sat in the cockpit of this aircraft!

2 of the Red Arrows. The get pretty close don't they?


  1. Very Neat post my friend, nice shots too.

  2. What a fascinating place to visit. Your photos are very good, and I'm glad you captured some puffin in the last picture.

  3. I obviously got confused as to where my comments are going. I just want to thank you for these neat pictures. We may not like the uses for which these planes are built, but they are still beautiful to see.